Trading Forum Terminologies

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Forum rules
  • Do NOT reply to another user's trade thread, unless you are trying to trade with them. Do NOT reply to threads lecturing about pokemon worth.
  • Start ONLY ONE thread a day. And it should not be the same as your previous threads.
  • Don't start 'daycare' threads offering to train or ask people to train your pokemon
  • Lock your thread once you are done with it. Do NOT edit the title and body of the thread when locking it.
  • Do NOT harass or mock people. Even if you think their offers/demands are bad.
  • You may bump your thread only after the latest post is 24 hours old. If you wish to clean up your trade thread, you may delete your bump post once it is 24 hours old.
  • Mention your username in your thread's first post. Don't make people reply asking for it.
  • You may only post trades from your own accounts. You may not post on behalf of others.
  • No posts that ask for any sort of likes/subscribes/follows/referrals on other websites.
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Trading Forum Terminologies

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Common Terms
  • LF = Short for 'Looking For'. This is usually followed by what the person is looking for.
  • UFT = Short for 'Up For Trade'. This is followed by what the person has and is looking to trade.
  • FT = Short for 'For Trade'. This is used the same way as UFT
  • NFT = Short for 'Not For Trade'. If a person says one of their pokemon is not for trade, do not repeatedly ask them for it.
  • Uniques = Pokemon this person does not have. When a person says they want 5 Uniques, they mean they want any 5 pokemon that they do not already have. This may involve comparing pokedexes by going to their DelugeRPG profile.
  • 100K = 100,000. So the 'K' here represents 1000.
  • 10M = 10,000,000. 'M' here means Million.
* On DelugeRPG, one can assume a person is talking about Exp when they mention such large numbers even when they do not say 'Exp'

  • 1S = Pokemon with any 1 Stat. or or
  • 2S = Pokemon with any 2 Stats. or or
  • 3S = Pokemon with all 3 Stats.
* I recommend using these over the other common but confusing abbreviations. Nobody has to wonder whether TS is two stats or three stats, whether two stats are written as BS or DS.
If you still come across those, here is what they stand for Single Stat, Double Stats, Dual Stats, Both Stats, All Stats, Two Stats, Triple Stats, Three Stats ('Both Stats' made sense when the game only had two stats. And 'All Stats' is not future proof the same way 'Both Stats' wasn't, since it can suddenly mean 4 or 5 stats in the off-chance that more stats are added)

  • Bump - A post that simply says 'Bump' is meant to push one's trade thread to the top of the first page of the forum since the threads with the most recent replies are shown first. Such posts are only allowed on one's own trade threads, not more than once in 24 hours and only after the last post in the thread is 24 hours old. Bump posts are only allowed within the trading forum and not on any other sections of the forum
  • PM/DM - Private Message/Direct Message, this might simply mean the person wants you to contact them through in-game messages.
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