Unban please, IGN: RshkN

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Please note that bans last 12 hours and it is possible that you will be automatically unbanned before any of the staff see your post.
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Unban please, IGN: RshkN

Postby RshkN » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:56 pm

Hello Staff,

I have been banned from the game for cheating.
I was playing fair at all times, but yesterday I just thought of making an idea of training with Macro (Chrome)

But that resulted for ban.
I didn't knew this, as previous pokemon rpg, allowed Macro for training your pokemon.

I do accept my cheating, and so requesting you to please unban me, as I didnt knew this.

Also I was new to this game, and so didnt knew about this stuff, I apologize and make sure, I wont repeat this mistake again.

Thank you.
Sorry once again.
Hoping for best.

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