@Potato not a good example for an admin in chatroom

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@Potato not a good example for an admin in chatroom

Postby s3xybak_00 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:59 am

Hi D1g1t,

I don't know where to report this so i posted it here.

I've been playing deluge for long already and I became inactive for about months before now. It's first come back to play at hearts content and I opened the chat to see what's going on.

Then Potato suddenly chatted me.

He asks if I am trading my chrome squirtle +spe then I said yes "for retro nonlegends.. heheh"
"Heheh.." is just an expression i doesn't mean anything for it. Then he offered me 2 retro uniques.
I asked him if he could add two more because its chrome starter +spe..
He got angry then suddenly said not good about me and blocked me before I could reply.
This happened before 7:30 pm Philippine time. Just check our complete conversations.
My user is botskie_02 during that time.

This shows disrespect for players especially for an "Admin".

Now see this public conversation of him with ItzWubbsy just minutes after he blocked me


I highlighted his name. It shows how lazy he is and at some point he is not a good example of an admin.

Please investigate d1g1t. It's up to you if how you gonna respond to this.

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Re: @Potato not a good example for an admin in chatroom

Postby d1g1t » Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:58 pm

Lets see. Firstly, he's not an admin. (atleast since about a month ago when I took over the chatroom)

People are allowed to block your pm for any or no reason. Even the chat staff. I don't know what he may have said in pm, I don't have access to it and you didn't provide a screenshot.

As for the screenshot you did provide, I'm not sure what the issue is? If you're expecting some sort of customer support like behaviour, this is the wrong place for it.

They are users just like you who have decided to spend some of their time helping moderate and manage the chat. They're not there to help you with your issues. They're free to use their time to help other people with their issues, but so is everyone else.

So outside of enforcing the chatroom rules, the chatroom staff are just like everyone else. They don't have to answer your questions about the game. They don't have to respond to your highlights.

If people want 'official answers' they can use the forums. So, I'm not sure what the complaint is.

P.S: I think he handled ItsWubbsy very well considering all the allegations he made against him in this subforum.
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