Chatroom Staff Power Abuse

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Chatroom Staff Power Abuse

Postby Envy » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:46 pm

While i was hunting for poke i encountered a chrome sableye and got excited and tried to share it on the chatroom.
so i typed "chrome sablyeeeeee ys please" and got kicked. screenshot:

Then when i returned i laughed at myself and this "Skull" banned me i did not even break the rules. Screenshot:

So i pm'd him and ask him why i got banned. and he just said because im laughing to a kick. I did not read in the rules that you cant laugh at yourself getting kicked. I just got kicked that one time and im not even repeating it and he is accusing me that i break rules daily. check screenshots of the convo:
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Re: Chatroom Staff Power Abuse

Postby Tolga » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:24 pm

Mon Sep 26
[18:28] <Envy> pen pineappleapplepen
[18:28] <Shana> hi envy haha
[18:31] * Envy is now known as PenPineappleApplePen
[18:47] * PenPineappleApplePen is now known as PnPnpplpplPn
[18:48] <PnPnpplpplPn> hahaha
[18:53] * PnPnpplpplPn ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)

spammy/long nick > spammy nick

Sat Sep 24
[12:44] <Envy> Trading: Shiny Shuckle TS 25M, Rare Legends, Non-Legends, DS & TS Pokemons. Check Link: | Looking For: Chrome TS Legends, Chrome TS Eevee or Eeveelutions & Retro Legends | Trading: TS, DS & Legendary Unique Pokemons: |
[12:44] * Envy was kicked by Psyduck (Spam Detected.)
[12:44] * Envy ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[12:44] <euge555> what is a spam?
[12:44] <@Tolga> you forgot to split your post again Envy :D
[12:44] <Envy> yeah
[12:45] <Envy> my bad

long/repetitive/spammy trade posts ; I know it happened few times and we tolerated, I only post this because you asked " when I break rules ". as long as it is not on purpose, i would be fine with it; you already get your kick from bot, and fix the problem.

Thu Sep 22
[15:13] * sanyu1234 ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[15:13] <sanyu1234> <censored>
[15:13] * sanyu1234 was kicked by Psyduck (That is not appropriate in our channels.
[15:13] * Psyduck sets mode: +b *!*@D64C4922.DCECEFE4.18EFD2CF.IP
[15:14] <Envy> haha
[15:14] * Envy was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Tolga: so we can laugh at your kick too.)
[15:14] * Envy ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[15:15] <Envy> so who laughs when i got kicked?
[15:15] <JrGonzales23> haha
[15:15] <@Tolga> no one :D they prolly did not wanna be next
[15:15] <Tsunade> no one

I put this here, because you claimed you don't make fun about kick-bans ; my point was they meant to be punishments, not fun material, I prove my point to few people at least.

[15:48] <Envy> Trading: Unique Pokemons, DS & Legendaries for your Chrome or Retro Legends. Check Link: |
[15:48] <&Psyduck> WARNING: Please leave a gap of at least 10 minutes between any sort of trade/live battle posts. If you have multiple posts, please combine them or make a post in the trading forum and share the link here instead.
[15:48] <Envy> oh sorry im lagging

This happens too, chatroom staff needed to warn you about it few times; until you finally started to pay more attention. There were also ones without warnings. I only point out this to show what's behind of my words like " since you break rules often "

AND , FINALLY; I want to explain my latest kick/ban, the reason that we needed to have share this unpleasant thread ;

[17:19] <Envy> chrome sablyeeeeeeee ys please
[17:19] [email protected] kicked Envy Reason: [Spam Detected.]
[17:19] [email protected] joined
[17:19] <Envy> hahahaah
[17:20] <Skull> !b envy
[17:51] <Skull> !k envy since you don't want the unban
[17:51] [email protected] kicked Envy Reason: [Requested by Skull: since you don't want the unban]

I admit it, it lacked the explanation on it.
I am also aware it was not stated in rules page clearly, because it is some sort of "common sense" in my opinion
But when I add up the things together, your lack of care about chatroom rules and laughing after kicks etc. makes me think that you don't take rules/staff any serious. In brief; I was thinking that you take rules lightly.
I saw your kick/bans for bad words one or twice, laugh to kicks few times, spammy nicks, spammy trade posts, spamming trade posts etc.
In final ; it all came out like that ; when you make fun of a kick, I think you deserved that ban.
But about one thing, you were %100 right, sorry for your trouble about it; it was not on rules page. As you suggested; it is in rules page now too, thanks to d1g1t : " If the staff feel you are taking your punishment too lightly (such as laughing after being kicked for breaking a rule), they may ban you. "
Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

Note : after such reports/logs/posts , people may think i am biased towards themselves; to avoid any future problems, I must state, there is no personal problems between us, as long as you follow channel rules; we can still chat nicely, please do not get confused between personal actions and staff actions.

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Re: Chatroom Staff Power Abuse

Postby Envy » Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:42 am

I did wrong and you did wrong. Lets just both not do it again.
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