Some Logs about Ru / Zahidjaan

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Some Logs about Ru / Zahidjaan

Postby Tolga » Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:49 pm

First of all ; I must state that I am forced to post these here because of the people that Ru / Zahidjaan sent me to gang, over time.
Acting like innocent and making your friends ask unbans / ban reasons daily ; is not a way to get an unban, you must behave first.

These logs are from Jul Aug Sep 2016 ; due to way of my log keeping I am not able to specify days.
Please note : unnecessary/unrelated posts might be deleted. Especially from other users.

I gonna try to show basic examples of general attitude / breaking rules on basis.

Flooding :

[20:32] <zahidjaan> live battle anyone
[20:32] <zahidjaan> fast
[20:32] <zahidjaan> hurry
[20:33] <zahidjaan> tez
[20:33] <zahidjaan> faster
[20:33] <zahidjaan> run
[20:33] <zahidjaan> go
[20:33] <Axew> stop flooding please.
[20:33] <zahidjaan> any
[20:33] <zahidjaan> ok
[20:33] * zahidjaan want live battle
[20:33] <Articuno> pm me
[20:34] <zahidjaan> heheh flooding
[20:34] <Samm> I dont know why this guy is not yet banned .-.
[20:34] <Samm> Flooding alot
[20:34] <zahidjaan> hehe lucky

please note that laugh about breaking a rule on purpose, after a warning.

Spamming :

[16:07] <Ru> hahahhaha
[16:07] <Ru> hehehhehe
[16:07] <Photograph> Hey!!
[16:07] <Photograph> hahaha
[16:07] <Ru> only 252
[16:07] <YummyLicious> stop that!
[16:07] <Ru> hahh\aha
[16:07] <MileStone> Dont Spam
[16:07] <Reaper_> he is pathetic
[16:07] * Ru was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Fremy: stop spamming)
[16:07] * Ru ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[16:07] <Ru> haha

please note that laugh after coming back from a kick.

Trying to date / bothering girls :

[19:44] <awsomegirl8000> Autocorrect
[19:45] <Ru> r u girl??
[19:45] <awsomegirl8000> What
[19:45] <awsomegirl8000> I'm a girl -.-
[19:46] <Samm> U sure ? xD
[19:46] <Ru> can we friends
[19:46] <Ru> i dont have any
[19:46] <Harry> Ru wants to be friend with awsomegirl8000 . Happy couple :)
[19:47] <awsomegirl8000> Ignored at least I get peace
[19:47] <Ru> why
[19:47] * Ru kiss awsomegirl8000
[19:47] <Axew> Stop Ru.
[19:48] <Ru> sorry girl
[19:48] <awsomegirl8000> Stop
[19:49] <zahidjaan> hey girl whats ur real name
[19:49] <zahidjaan> im ru


[08:28] <RU> helo
[08:28] <RU> any girl here
[08:28] <neilpatrick23> i am
[08:29] <RU> really??
[08:29] <RU> helo
[08:29] <neilpatrick23> why you ask ?
[08:29] <RU> really u girl
[08:30] <RU> i want to give shiny zorua to a girl

Speaking different languages knowingly about "only english on #pokemondeluge" rule.

17:02] <polis> Ru kya aap Hein?
[17:03] <Ru> han haain
[17:03] <Ru> kya chahiye
[17:03] <polis> Don't talk other language sorry
[17:03] <Ru> hahah
[17:04] <Ru> u said first


[12:57] <ytas> paaaaaagall ho tum sab
[12:57] <Ru> kya
[12:57] <Ru> kyun
[12:57] <ytas> ha
[12:57] <ytas> chup
[12:57] <Ru> tu chup
[12:58] <ytas> chall na
[12:58] <Ru> tu ja
[12:58] * ytas was kicked by Psyduck (speak english fool)
[12:58] <Ru> hehe
[12:58] <arjohn023> bye
[12:58] * Ru was kicked by Pichu (you too)

Trying to use random commands / staff commands.

[16:06] <Ru> +money
[16:06] <Ru> nothing happends
[16:06] <Ru> boooring
[16:07] <%Axew> Ru, Mibbit and Webchat users are unable to use +commands.
[16:07] <Ru> know that
[16:09] <Ru> never work
[16:10] * Ru was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Fremy: dont use +commands for fun. next time it'll be a ban. breaking rules even when you know its against the rules.)
[16:10] * Ru ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[16:10] <Ru> heheh hi
[16:10] <Ru> i just type 1 time +money aand he kick me
[16:11] <Ru> kick me so ard
[16:11] <Ru> hard*
[16:11] <@Fremy> 17:51:32) <Ru> +lol 17:51:55) <Ru> +legends 21:06:23) <Ru> +money
[16:11] <@Fremy> Testing my patience? I can ban you right now.
[16:12] <@Fremy> Seems you find using + is a joy.
[16:12] <Ru> ban me if u can
[16:12] <Samm> My god
[16:12] <berntalz> ahahaha lol Ru
[16:12] * Ru was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Fremy: Got it.)
[16:12] * Deluge sets mode: +b *!*


[16:38] <Ru> !k reaper_
[16:38] <reaper_> Nice try
[16:38] * Ru was kicked by Pichu (don't use staff commands)

please note that "I know" and "ban me if you can" attitude, breaking rules on purpose and daring staff for fun.

Harassing chatroom staff on different channels and PMs :
( after getting warnings - kicks - bans over same reason, tried to discomfort/harass/bother staff )

[17:32] <GreNinja> who want to battle
[17:32] * GreNinja was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Fate: its not 10mins yet, unfortunately)
[17:32] * Deluge sets mode: +b *!*


[17:35] * GreNinja ([email protected]) has joined # <censored>
[17:40] <GreNinja> <censored>
[17:40] <+Psyduck> - [ <censored > - YouTube]
[17:40] <GreNinja> enjoy
[17:41] * GreNinja was kicked by ChanBot (Requested by Fate)
[17:41] * ChanBot sets mode: +b *!*

please note that it was an inappropriate and unpleasant movie for people of certain likes, the attitude was personal towards a staff member.

Encouraging people to break rules more often, and on purpose.
( log from trivia channel )

[18:04] <Waiter> hy bhanu
[18:05] <Bhanu> Hi
[18:05] <Waiter> what u doing
[18:05] <Bhanu> This is 13th time i get ban
[18:05] <Waiter> haha
[18:05] <Bhanu> Just nvm
[18:05] <Waiter> invite me in other channel we can talk there
[18:06] <Bhanu> If you think you're the best then nvm tolga or another person
[18:06] <Waiter> hmmm
[18:06] <Bhanu> I think I'm best i never mind any tolga
[18:06] <Waiter> u shoud show some dare to tolga like me
[18:06] <Waiter> hmmm good
[18:07] <Bhanu> The result is bann
[18:07] <Bhanu> What is use?
[18:07] <Waiter> use of what?
[18:08] <Bhanu> If we show some dare to tolga he will kick or ban
[18:08] <Waiter> r u scared
[18:08] <Waiter> of ban
[18:08] <Waiter> from*
[18:08] <Bhanu> No i didn't scared
[18:08] <Waiter> being
[18:09] <Waiter> then
[18:09] <Bhanu> I get two times bann in game
[18:09] <Waiter> show him ur powerrrr :P

Trying to cover a scammer in sake of arguing with staff. Being randomly rude towards newcomers ;

[15:11] <Ru> give him a warning first tolga
[15:11] <~Tolga> Ru : that is none of your business.
[15:13] <Ru> u r owner this doesnt mean u do anything u like u have give warning first
[15:13] <Ru> have to*
[15:13] <Pc4|AFK> its common sense not to beg....
[15:14] <Bhanu> Ru vs tolga
[15:14] <~Tolga> Ru : create a forum post about this, i will list my reasons.
[15:14] <Ru> what r ur reason is that connected to banning user
[15:15] <Bhanu> Ru pls stop!
[15:15] <~Tolga> Ru : " create a forum post about this, i will list my reasons. " anything else you do, has no use.
[15:15] <Ru> he cant ban without a warning
[15:16] <Ru> tolga u gets so selfish with that owner
[15:16] <Bhanu> Ok ru go to misc there have forum option click that and post
[15:17] <Ru> im not interested in creating a post
[15:19] <~Tolga> Ru : first thing on rules page : Ops (Operators/Moderators) shall take all actions according to their personal judgement of what's best.
[15:20] <Ru> ok then bann everyone and then there will u and ur bots playing gam
[15:21] <~Tolga> Ru : and again, you talk about a scammer and beggar, if "everyone" is scammer and beggar, it might make sense, and again, I tell you, if you wanna judge a decision, at least create a forum post, so I can answer it once and it will stay written down.
[15:22] <Ru> im already calm but tolga wants to ban without a warning
[15:22] <~Tolga> Ru : it is not like every offence deserves a warning or a kick in the first place.
[15:22] <Ru> every one gets chance
[15:22] <@Inori> Why do you assume you know about staff activities/actions better than a staff himself?
[15:23] <~Tolga> Ru : not everyone.
[15:23] <Ru> yes everyone
[15:24] <@Inori> If you feel so, you may create a forum thread and let all the staffs view/comment about it, like what Tolga has mentioned.
[15:24] <~Tolga> Ru : why don't you go ahead and add his FB id as a friend and donate all of your pokemons. instead of wasting everyone's time ?
[15:27] <Ru> first of all i dont like to add peoples i dont know and about donating pokes that what i am doing to good users
[15:27] <Ru> not like u
[15:27] <Bhanu> Ru stop pls
[15:27] <d1g1t> Ru: if you make a forum post in the chat forum about this, granddad and I will take a look
[15:28] <Ru> huh
[15:28] <Bhanu> Create forum account ru
[15:30] <Ru> sure u can create it but im not gonna do anything there
[15:36] <Ru> yes rare as tolga banning without wanr
[15:36] * Ru was kicked by granddad (i told you to stop)
[15:36] * Ru ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[15:36] <Jada> ru if you dont want to make a forum post better move on
[15:37] <Ru> ok i stopped then what about tolga s banning?
[15:37] <Jada> there someone warned you.
[15:37] <d1g1t> report him in the forum if you want anything to happen to tolga
[15:38] <~granddad> Ru :last warning about tolga's bans just create a post in forum and stop being a spoiled kid here
[15:38] <Jada> they told you on how to make an appeal and you dont want it and still you keep blabbering about it.

[15:44] <Jada> is there an app for this game?
[15:45] <Bhanu> No
[15:45] <d1g1t> just mobile site
[15:45] <Bhanu> Yes
[15:45] <~Tolga> Jada : scroll down, use mobile version ; if you wish, there ain't any apps atm
[15:45] <~Tolga> or simply enter to
[15:45] <Jada> too bad i dont have a phone. im just curious
[15:45] <&Psyduck> mobile: Mobile version of DelugeRPG is available at
[15:47] <RU> u can play another game then
[15:47] <d1g1t> RU: thats a solution to a different problem
[15:48] <RU> what problm
[15:49] <d1g1t> RU: play another game is the solution to "I don't like deluge", and not to "I don't like smartphones"
[15:49] <d1g1t> so*
[15:49] <RU> thats great then
[15:51] * RU was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Inori: being rude on multiple occasions. and if you're unhappy with the staffs keep it to yourself, dont be rude to innocent users.)
[15:51] * Deluge sets mode: +b *!*

I spent few hours to dig these logs, to save myself from daily harassment by Ru and their friends (knowingly/unknowingly).

There are more logs like these. But I think these would be enough as examples.
There were many nice warnings, quite positive and constructive suggestiong. Instead following good examples, being rude/nuisance on purpose is not something that we can tolerate.

Now I nicely request everyone to stop PMing / spamming / bothering me about this matter anymore.

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Re: Some Logs about Ru / Zahidjaan

Postby Tolga » Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:57 pm

Someone pointed out that I missed the part that an IRC bot from Ru joined to #pokemondeluge
it's clearly stated on chatroom rules; that linked too many times in chatrooms.
" Please disable all disruptive scripts on your irc clients. Do not make your bots join our channels. "
Therefore ;

[11:30] * Asian ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[11:30] <Nobody> !kill nobody
[11:30] * Asian walks up to nobody and...
[11:30] * Asian decides that nobody deserves to live
[11:31] <Nobody> !gamble tolga
[11:31] * Asian was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Tolga: no.)
[11:31] * Nobody was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Tolga: no.)
[11:32] * Asian ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[11:32] <~Tolga> turn off your scripts that affects channel
[11:34] * Nobody ([email protected]) has joined #pokemondeluge
[11:34] <Asian> Welcome Nobody! Type: !Register (only if you havent before). Forgot the commands? Type !get commands.
[11:34] * Asian was kicked by Deluge (Requested by Inori)
[11:34] * Deluge sets mode: +b *!*
[11:34] <Nobody> Hahaha poor bot

Edit : Someone else also pointed out that I did not list all of Ru's trade/battle post spam. This is a forum; I prefer to not spam it with senseless and repetitive things anymore. Please stop requesting more logs to see everything. I have no plans about wasting more time fore this matter. Please note that I also have a life outside the chatroom. Thanks.

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