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Post by samit007 »

every time i battle, i always ends up with response!!!!!!!

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Post by Snyrock »

Yes we all are right ,It always shows "Waiting for response" ......And Deluge RPG can you add any feature that if we our our opponent chooses any attack like "thunderbolt" then we could see that the pokemon is doing thunderbolt , like in pokemon sun and moon , sword and shield , etc. If you can then please add.
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Post by India »

Hi sir
When I am doing a live battle with utkrisht

The live battle is telling that some error occurred
Plz fix this sir
For clan
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Post by 7396039514 »

i'm able to challenge only one a day
if challenge after the last battle it says error occured

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Post by cristoferr »

ive been trying to battle my friend but we both wait for each other and we wait like 10 min before exiting out of the battle

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Post by Zacianrulz27 »

Yo Someone was trying to LB me then it challenged someone else

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Post by Bonemasked »

Everytime I'm about to win in a battle it always does the "Waiting for respond" which is so annoying. Please fix this because it has most of my battles and many other's battles ruined
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