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User: Vamdemon

Post by secomon »

hi admin
i get such a warning on my two accounts ("Vamdemon" my prime account, "Secomon" my secondary account)
Account Warning (Received on 17 Jan 2023)
You are suspected of cheating. Play in a single browser tab at all times from now on. This is your final warning. You will be banned if this continues.
I have been playing for 7 years, i have never used cheat or anything else. I got a warning on 27 December 2022 and my english is not perfect so I thought it is about using/playing different devices (because i use my computer at home and my mobile phone at work). Now i just learn that those warning are about my battle style, because i was searching pokemons on a map, when i find a good one, i press ctrl+click and do battle on another tab then press ctrl+w to return the first tab where map is open. Until today, for 7 years, i haven't got any warning about using 2 tabs and i didn't know that it was a forbidden act. All i want to say I love this game, I won't use that kind of playing style, but i am afraid of getting banned if i do anything wrong that i don't know it is also forbidden.
I will use one tab only, Can you remove those warning on my profile and Points Penalty that i got

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Post by d1g1t »

Keep your battling and hunting to a single tab. Playing on more than one tab is not forbidden. But whatever you specifically are doing is triggering the anti-cheat. The warnings you are receiving simply as a courtesy.

The warnings will stay since you didn't stop after the first warning. That is why it says 'final' now.
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