Trade Tax Rant Thread [and Poll]

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Do you like the new Trade Tax?

No. But guess I'll just put up with it.
It's the worst thing ever!
I will stop playing.
Total votes: 43

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Trade Tax Rant Thread [and Poll]

Post by d1g1t »

Feel free to post and discuss why you don't like this new introduction.

The poll doesn't affect anything. Just a place for people to take out their frustration.

Use if you want to post better alternatives. You're free to use make a separate thread for your idea too. But please title it appropriately.
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Post by drallyowl »

for the sake of completness, could you add options in the poll for "i'm fine with this" and "this is a great change to the system"(for the record, I think this is a good thing, based on the arguments you laid out. I have personally been hesitant to even engage with high value trading at all given that the economy seems utterly bonkers, and is based on a "currency" which has no real meaning to it, and which, like you said in your post explaining why you are adding the tax, doesn't generally leave the system unless the account it is on gets deleted by force or abruptly abandoned. it was an economy that was absurd to try and break into unless you had a very good reason to bother with it.

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Post by JamesR_ »

I mean its good to implement something new to the game but its much better to ask players if they would like it. Its a matter of players will stay or leave if you implement this change without asking the players. No hate, love you sir.

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Post by d1g1t »

This is just for people to take out their frustration and not really a survey. Despite how my replies look in the deleted/archived posts, I'm not angry at people for not liking it. Expecting the people, that benefit from the current system, to like this change would be foolish. And trying to explain it to people that don't care to understand it felt like a fruitless exercise. As stated in that thread, this affects a very tiny portion of the players. And they just happen to be loud and influential within the system that is being disrupted.
So this space is just for them to rant without expecting me to reply to them. Maybe they'll even come up with decent suggestions if they collaborate honestly instead of just throwing things at the wall hoping something with stick and get the tax plan scraped.

As for people leaving, it may not be a bad thing if people who benefit from the current system leave in protest. I'm certain they won't. The worst they might do it give their exp to a friend, which leaves us with the same problem.
I don't remember any feature being added/removed/changed based on a popularity contest before in this game. This is definitely not when that changes.
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Post by animax2345 »

please cancel the update of trade tax

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Post by jonathan0804 »

Hahaha the admin don't know what he is doing, imagine being ignorant about principle of economics and taxation then want it to be applied, clown

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Post by dragonmaster86_ »

I think this is good idea to stoped the threats for now, but for some reason wonder trade and quick trade still alternatif way too get exp mons more higher or not but still abused for if you not think carefully. But at least if you trading more carefully including new taxes trading, BELLOW 10M EXP IN you should think first before trading, and admin should applied taxes in quick trades, because more dangreous because people will trading more lesser exp
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Post by Pandu »

I don't think it is a good idea. As becoz of it many people can trade their account instead of pokemon for skipping tax on exp.

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Post by paarth121 »

Pandu wrote: Fri Jan 27, 2023 4:08 pm I don't think it is a good idea. As becoz of it many people can trade their account instead of pokemon for skipping tax on exp.
do you really think that will work?
people have 50+ pokemons with exp on them

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