Trade Tax Alternate Suggestions MegaThread

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Trade Tax Alternate Suggestions MegaThread

Post by ARROW2010 »

I will support this one, sir. Since there will be a tax, rare pokes price will increase. We cannot avoid that for sure. There is a 2 thing I want to suggest upon implementation for this.

1. Dont decrease all the exp of all pokes that have been traded because many players are slack to make his/her own exact exp and many players dont want inexact exp. Instead of decreasing the exp of all pokes, make a room for tax payment. In tax payment, it will include the releasing of pokes.
Example: The tax you should pay from the trade had been made is 26m. Go to the room of tax paying where you could choose the poke you want to use for payment, 25m will be released and the remaining 1m tax, choose again and here will comes the decrease of exp. (I hope you get my point here 😅).
If player did not pay his/her tax, give warning and minus points or punishment like temporary ban from trading until he/she paid his/her tax. Give a deadline on paying for the tax, if he/she dont pay by that time, ban from the game. (I guess it is complicated but hoping to workout this way 😅)
2. Of course, please at least give a minimal increase in exp we will get from Ultimate Trainers. Even I/we know you were doing this for the over exp in the game. 😅

I thank you.

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Post by blokerstrikers »

My thoughts

1. This is good because I notice some people passes pokemon xp leaderboards
2. Odd numbers hurt exact exp so better have battle with wierd award numbers too (like 1 exp or 3 exp)
3. High exp will be good as ts but not for currency anymore.


1.Trader will ask more exp. If no one bite then its back to the square one. They kept it, lower or find some other currency. Their lost
2. Experience only matter on trading. In fact I'm on leaderboard without high exp explains it. Then it's hard to trade even myself for some rare pokemon that everyone asking exp. which i have none or lazy enough to do. Or you won't get my rare because i don't like xp.
3.We go back basic trading but trading on nutshell is one person will up ahead than other.

The Cost
1.TS will increase its price. Maybe 2ts for one rare ts but it depends on negotiation. Rare ts will be valuable now
2.Maybe some minorities, but training exp is a SAFE way of obtaing rare pokemon vs variance of catching one that is too high. Maybe we will lost someone or change their way, I' don't know
3.Decreasing of xp farming but a high volume of rare catching will occur soon and more number of pokemon will be added on box rather than on one pokemon adding fancy numbers. You need to increase storage or auto release the recently caught pokemon on one click.

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Post by NachtSieger »

- Add exclusive sprites that can only be bought using exp. Different sprite every month
- Add deluge exclusive badges that can only be accuired by trading a certain amount of exp to an NPC lets say 2.5B per badge. A single badge will do, lets say it changes color depending on the exp amount
- G-Max - instead of coins why not exp. Lets say in order for you to start G-Max battle, you will have to trade in a pokemon that has 25m
- Exp to coin conversion. Lets say you release a pokemon that has 25m exp, you'll get 12.5M coins in return

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Post by TonnyStar »

Hello, Good day.

We all respect your new updates and so goes with taxation. Exp taxation is a pretty good and healthy idea when we think about the whole game and its future. It might create a disadvantage for the people who try to get their desired pokemons with high exp trades as only one part of the game would still love to have exp with them. Anyways, I don't think I/we can really debate against you for this concept since you're the admin and is the final decision. Although, It seems to have few minor changes. To the point,

Suppose, I've offered 1bill exp on a certain pokemon. The user did accept the offer. As far as I understood from the Taxation update, the exp cut/tax would be for every pokemon which has been offered .i.e for the 40 into 25mill's (in this case). So, what i basically didn't find a worthy change is the taxing for every single pokemon which might make all the exp in game look ugly, I mean most of the users here prefer exact exp over inexact. They can make it exact later anyways but i do have an alternate suggestion for this.

Taxing for a wholesome rather than every pokemon in high exp deals. In my opinion, you can consider approx '250mill+' a high exp trade. It helps to maintain the trend of exact exp in the game still after this concept.

I just hope you got it & will be waiting for you're comment on it.

Random users can also comment on this post if its required :D

Thank you for reading! Happy gaming!
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Post by JamesR_ »

Hello sir, Good day. I see that taxes are already implemented. It's a good idea but may i suggest?

I think it would be good if the tax would be implemented on just one 25m poke? I mean, tax is implemented on every 25m pokes. With that, if the exp's were to go around it would go untrained. Or just go back to being a new catch basically. I guess if it would be implemented on just one 25m poke, it wouldn't be so a sore in the eye? Thankyou if you consider this sir! Loveyou

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Post by Je_suis_Ash »

Sir d1g1t,

I respect your idea to add a tax and that your doing this for a good cause, but I, and pretty much everyone, have some problems with it, like transferring Exp from secondary to primary account, or vice versa. I, personally, don't think that it is fair for a player to PAY TAXES to transfer their OWN Pokemon to their OWN account, and I don't think you or anyone else does, either.
I don't have a secondary account yet, but this, eventually, will affect me because I want to make one later after a user has been deleted due to inactivity, to make an account with the same username. And anyway, coming back to my suggestion, it is:

You can have the user enter his/her secondary account's username on a field, and just for confirmation, you could have the user enter the account's password as well. This will probably confirm the ownership over a secondary account and those two accounts can have trade without a tax being applied.

This will also force some players, who have Exp in their secondary accounts, to mark their unmarked, alternate accounts secondary. It will identify the owner of a secondary account (Mini-Suggestion: It would also be better to display the secondary accounts and their links in the public profile of a user, so players can keep track of a user).

And if you want, just for extra security, you could send the secondary account's owner's email address (if entered previously) an mail saying "XYZ (A Primary Account) claims that ABC(A Secondary Account) is owned by them ... If this is not true, a password change is recommended", or something like that.

This will also tell ABC account (if XYZ account is not ABC account's primary account) that XYZ account knows ABC account's password and add more security to your authentication system.

Hope you take this suggestion into consideration and apply it.
Thank you for reading.
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Post by Radugalati »

I have no horse in this race, but I feel the need to share my opinion.
Maybe instead of exp tax...Why not increase the appearance rate of rare pokemon?
This would incentivize players to actually try catch the rare pokemon they want, instead of grinding exp for said pokemon.
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