[Fixed] More Info Tooltip Not Behaving Correctly

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[Fixed] More Info Tooltip Not Behaving Correctly

Post by DarkmoonNight »

The "More Info" button's tooltip has a custom design in "Your Team" page. Note that it does not have the custom design in "Your Pokemon" page. In addition, the tooltip behaves differently in both pages.

I believe a tooltip should display some text when the mouse enters the bounds of an element. Text should disappear after a short amount of time or when the mouse exits the element's bounds. The tooltip behaves correctly like this in "Your Pokemon" page. In "Your Team" page, it behaves like an on/off switch, where clicking the button changes whether the tooltip displays on screen or not.

To summarize:
  • Update "Your Pokemon" page to use the custom design of the "More Info" tooltip. The custom design looks great.
  • Fix the custom design to behave correctly like a tooltip.
Following forum rules, this occurred on the desktop version. Device is a Windows laptop on Google Chrome.
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