[Fixed] Pokemon's Pokedex Info Displays Previous Evolution After Evolving Pokemon

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[Fixed] Pokemon's Pokedex Info Displays Previous Evolution After Evolving Pokemon

Post by DarkmoonNight »

To the developer(s), this might be a very minor bug. It may not be high on your to-do list of bugs to fix.

Basically, what happened was I evolved my starter pokemon, Bulbasaur, to Ivysaur. Then, I decided to check out the pokedex info by clicking the "More Info" button. I expected to see Ivysaur but the pokemon displayed was Bulbasaur. Note that the url link of the "More Info" button directs to Bulbasaur. After refreshing the Pokemon/Team page and clicking the "More Info" button again, the pokemon being displayed was Ivysaur, which is correct. The url link also correctly directs to Ivysaur. Refreshing or revisiting the Pokemon/Team page resolves this issue.

Following forum rules, this issue occurred on the desktop version. Device is a Windows laptop on Google Chrome.

To Reproduce:
  1. Find any pokemon that you can evolve then evolve it.
  2. Click the "More Info" button to see the pokemon's pokedex info. The url link of this button directs to the previous evolution of the pokemon.
  3. The pokemon being displayed will be the previous evolution of the pokemon you just evolved.
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Post by d1g1t »

Thanks. This should be mostly fixed now. If I've missed any page, feel free to report that too.
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Post by DarkmoonNight »

Looks great. Bug is fixed.

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