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Post by FIZGAMING737 » Thu May 30, 2019 11:18 am

It all starts in trades. Yesterday i went looking for a Shiny Diancie in Search&Offer suddenly i saw a person thats online i offered on his Shiny Diancie but he declined it then the next day i was online i had a message from jundeltundag he or she said offer me 5 Shiny or Chrome legends. Then i replyed. Okay it's a deal! Then i offered him 5 Chrome legends because i don't want my Shiny legends traded because i am keeping them. Later that day by the way that day was today. He or She messaged me back saying your i don' care about your noob legends. Then i got confused then i asked him/her what is the meaning of noob legends? He/she replyed You and your pokemon's are weak! Then u got really upset. I messaged back saying. How come i was being nice to why are you so mean to me? Then he/she said LOL! You are a weakling! And i said. Stop being mea to me i was not doing anything bad to you all i want is trade with you! I was holding my anger back and trying to be nice as possible. But when he/she messaged me back Your pokemons are so weak and so are you and the next thing i know id that my anger broke out like a volcano then i messaged him/her back saying Do want to be reported to d1g1t thx to d1g1t by the way. Back at the story. Then he/she replyed again saying I don't care. Whatever you say weakling i don't whats his problem that his calling me and my pokemons are a weakling. Then i replyed saying. I am serious! I will definetly report you ti d1g1t!!!!! Then the last thing that he/she messaged me was Weakling hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Then he/she blocked me up. I got so upset i went at the Forums to report him/her. And now you know every single bit. I don't know why do people bully me so much it's not much what jundeltundag said but i don't want jundeltundag bullg more users like me so please give jundeltundeg really deserves please help me put out this bully before he/she harms more users. Thank you for your time have a good time. By:FIZGAMING737

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Post by d1g1t » Thu May 30, 2019 12:39 pm

I'm sorry, that is very difficult to read and understand. Could you please format the text properly? Start with a screenshot of the message you're trying to report this user for.
Also clearly mention their username and yours. Don't hide it in the sea of text.

If this is about someone calling you 'weak', just block them and move on.
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Post by FIZGAMING737 » Fri May 31, 2019 9:23 am

Thank you Sr. d1g1t!

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