These are only for wrongly received account warnings that are visible when visiting your profile.
Do not make a thread if your message has a red marking.
Lying to get your warning removed will result in a ban.
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  • This is only for account warnings that are visible on your profile.
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  • Lying about your warning will result in a ban.
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  • You may not create any thread or post regarding others' accounts.
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Post by incognitoThreads »

Hello sir. Thanks for giving me warning

I have received my first warning, I fully understand where this one will be going if not taken seriously, From this moment i wouldnt make rude message to someone even though im just expressing my self.

I am so sorry if my words of are so much , i will be lessening whom i need to respond and will not make the box a chat room for friends.

I am humbly asking of you to at least remove the warning to be displayed :).

Thank you so much for your time

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Post by d1g1t »

Or you could just say you wrongly received a warning when that's true?
It's been removed.
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