Behaviour While Replying To Trade Threads

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Forum rules
  • Do NOT reply to another user's trade thread, unless you are trying to trade with them. Do NOT reply to threads lecturing about pokemon worth.
  • Start ONLY ONE thread a day. And it should not be the same as your previous threads.
  • Don't start 'daycare' threads offering to train or ask people to train your pokemon
  • Lock your thread once you are done with it. Do NOT edit the title and body of the thread when locking it.
  • Do NOT harass or mock people. Even if you think their offers/demands are bad.
  • You may bump your thread only after the latest post is 24 hours old. If you wish to clean up your trade thread, you may delete your bump post once it is 24 hours old.
  • Mention your username in your thread's first post. Don't make people reply asking for it.
  • You may only post trades from your own accounts. You may not post on behalf of others.
  • No posts that ask for any sort of likes/subscribes/follows/referrals on other websites.
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Behaviour While Replying To Trade Threads

Post by d1g1t »

Do not shame/mock/or post unsolicited trade value advice

If someone's trade demands are unreasonable, other people will not trade with them. Those are the consequences for people with 'unfair' demands. Do not make unsolicited posts telling people that their prices are wrong or 'op' or giving them your own valuation.

This does not mean you can mock, insult and bully such people. Do not reply to threads telling people what you think of their valuation, unless you're trying to make an offer, in which case talk about your offer instead.
And remember that they still don't have to agree with your beliefs just because you told them nicely. Your valuations aren't magically better than those of other people, no matter who or how many people agree with you.
There is absolutely no reason to abuse and be rude to other people just because you don't agree with them.

I did not create this game for bullies, so if you treat other people like crap, you're going to get banned and all those pokemon you are so proud of will be released.

Do not make vague replies

If you are replying to someone else's trade thread, do not just ask them to check your accounts or trades.
If someone says they are looking for TS or Exp, respond with a list of 3 to 5 of whatever you believe are your best pokemon that qualify that thread owner's criteria and then post your username asking them to check or privately message you. Do not make a post that only asks the person to check your account. It's a waste of everyone's time and as far as hijacking someone else's trade thread.

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