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User :-5678raheem

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Hello admin
I have msg him wrongly on pavan14
But I have said him correctly rules on as5preele

I don't read the rules; that's my bad
But I was trying to say the rules correctly and save or teach him that's my bad , I have not read all the rules ,that don't msg other people rules

I am so sorry I never do that again 😖

Pls give atleast one warning before points penalty.

I am pushing towards leaderboard from few days I can't be with that points penalty I request u pls remove that penalty 🙏

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Your messages to that person have been quite creepy and threatening. You had unmarked secondary accounts. You are in no position to tell others they will get banned for that.
The way you told them something about knowing their IP address or demanding pokemon is extremely serious. The warning will not be removed. You are extremely close to getting banned with this sort of behaviour.
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