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User: DaVinci09

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[email protected]
Good day ma'am/Sir

I'm DaVinci09 my account was already ban today...I don't know the real reason why, I sell my pokemon in order to provide my needs to continue to play Pokemon which I did to my old account before.

this is not compulsory or scam because I give my official FB account into the message and my contractor/buyer controll/have a choice if they buy or not.

I'm a old deludge supporters and player my account before named Wakoke09 and Bosscher06 2012 was already deleted......... And now I'm back .....Please unban me I'm a good person

Thank you for your consideration

Name: DaVinci09
Country: Philippine
Day: June 19 Wednesday
Ban time: 2:20pm

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Attempts at selling pokemon or accounts has always resulted in a ban since this game started.
"I have done it before without getting caught or facing consequences" is not a sensible appeal.
These bans will never be removed.
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