Use this for reporting users that are breaking game rules.
Note that you do not get to request bans or choose the punishment
Old threads are deleted after a few months
Forum rules
  • Do not report based on hunches and feelings.
  • Back your claim with some proof.
  • Do not lie in your report.
  • Provide screenshots where possible (how to take a screenshot?)
  • Do not resize your screenshots. You may crop out irrelevant parts if you wish.
  • Upload them to an image hosting site like IMGUR (facebook is not an image host)
  • Lost accounts/pokemon will not be recovered.
  • Do not bring your personal fights here.
  • Do not make reports on behalf of someone else.
  • If the thread has nothing to do with you and you have no additional information about the reported person's offense, do not post replies
  • If you have been reported, DO NOT reply to the post reporting you. This is not a court. If action is taken against you, use the appropriate Appeals forums.
  • Trying to report a forum post? Use the report button on the post itself.
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Post by 0bit0 »

Sir,he is saying that he will sell his Pokemon for gcash

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Post by d1g1t »

Attaching screenshots of the message would certainly help.

EDIT: This user has been banned. But remember to always attach relevant screenshots in future reports. Instructions on how to take screenshots and where to upload them can be found in the rules box above your post.
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