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user: nowaybr

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Hello D1, how are you? I'm Brazilian and I recently received a warning on my profile written: "Account Warning Be polite when sending messages to other users (Received on 25 Jan 2024).

This appeared after I sent the message with the expression "ai e fod" (the last letter after d is "a", I'm afraid to write it here and get banned) to another Brazilian player. The message was not sent and I received the warning. I believe it was because of the word "fod" (the last letter after d is "a", I'm afraid to write it here and get banned) which can be categorized as a swear word, but the expression I used "ai e fod" (the last letter after d is "a", I'm afraid to write it here and get banned) is not an insult, it's something like "no way" or "complicated" or "I don't believe it".

Anyway, I hope I didn't do anything wrong and I would like the punishment to be removed from my profile so that it doesn't lower my ranking score.

Sorry for my bad English, it's not one of the best.

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The specific message you got the warning for, does give a swear on google translate.

That's the best I can do for languages I do not understand. You can switch to english or try avoiding words that can be confused for swears.

I've removed the warning this one time.
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