[For Trade] TSes for Unique Legends / Non-Legends

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[For Trade] TSes for Unique Legends / Non-Legends

Post by Pokemonmaster_sky »

FOR TRADE: (IGN: Pokemonmaster_sky)

1. Hoppip TS for 100 Unique Non-Legends (with NO REPEAT)

2. Negative Spinda TS for 30 Unique Legends (with NO REPEAT)

3. Shadow Volbeat TS for 30 Unique Legends (with NO REPEAT)

!!! Automatically Denying any offer that has REPEAT !!!

!!! Automatically Accepting if all these Pokemons are offered on one of my TSes:

- Shiny LUGIA
- Shiny COSMOG
- Dark, Shadow, Mirage ZACIAN
- Shiny, Mirage, Chrome ZAMAZENTA
- Shiny, Mirage ETERNATUS
- Shiny, Metallic, Shadow, Mirage, Chrome, Negative ZARUDE

IGN: Pokemonmaster_sky