User: Darkint - Error blocking my messages

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User: Darkint - Error blocking my messages

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First of all, good evening, and to inform you that my native language is Spanish (right now I am using Google Translate) I wanted to write to you that you blocked my messages due to an error of intuition when thinking that it was a button to delete chats in general, when selecting the chats that had not progressed The conversation wanted to delete and well I was guided by the red button at the bottom and I thought it was the classic delete button and I clicked on it without reading (unfortunately I didn't have the translator activated) and well I was surprised that I couldn't chat for 14 days haha ​​:c, I wanted to know if that message block can be removed, since I was just changing things with other users and it was coincidental
Player name: Darkint
thank you very much for reading sir
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It has been reset.
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