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maps accessibility

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greeting administrator and other users of the game. I am a blind player on here and I have some minor difficulties with the maps. how do other players locate themselves based on terrain? I read somewhere that some pokemons only spawn in hilly areas. how do I find out where my map ends, another begins? I have experimental mode on but the truth is I feel like I am at a disadvantage walking about the maps not knowing where I am and where the edges are. I'd appreciate some advice to find all the answers to these questions listed above.
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Pokemon will appear pretty much anywhere that one can move. The pokemon that appear will depend on the tile your character is standing on. Currently I do not believe the tile or collision information is conveyed anywhere textually. and I'm not entirely sure how I would convey it textually at this time. I could display it as text on screen and force the focus to it, but would that be disruptive?

The experimental accessibility mode does very basic things at the moment. It has a few temporary fixes to some issues brought up by a user using a screenreader at the following post:

That said, I work on this fan game alone and I'm not very familiar with web accessibility right now. Since the other user brought up this issue, I've bought a couple of books on the subject and intend to learn and implement it here.
And since it's not the only thing I'm working on, it may take weeks and months for me to slowly integrate it into the game. Until then I'm happy to make small changes under the accessibility mode option to make all the basic features more accessible with suggestions from users such as yourself until I learn a more standard way to do things.
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