Price Range Almanac

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Price Range Almanac

Post by 23rdcloud »

Will you create a Price Range almanac? My idea will be creating a handbook for the prices of every Pokemon but the prices should have a base price and its price range should be 5-20 Million Exp before and after its base price. It’s because many people will choose to lie and take advantage of those without too much knowledge about the prices and beginners. I got scammed and experienced it myself that my Retro Sobble with three stats is worth 1+ Billion Exp for the opinions of many people because I wasn’t knowledgeable about the prices. I even grinded too much excess Exp because they lie about the prices. I know that in F.A.Q., there should be no exact price for every Pokemon but people in this game will choose to put prices according to the opinions of majority but some people have different opinions about prices. There should be basis from the Price Range Almanac for prices that can be approximate to its base price.
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Post by paarth121 »

i agree to this, i even made 4-5 of these guides in multiple servers on discord for help

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Post by drallyowl »

As someone in the outspoken (and admittedly not particularly vocal or organized) anti-exp faction, (by which I mean that I consider exp to be a worthless thing to be trading), I think it would be a bad idea to set any sort of official valuation for things.

that being said, I do think that it would be nice if in the pokedex, rather than just having rarity tiers for given pokemon, indicating how common they are in maps (common, uncommon, rare, very rare), if there was some translation somewhere on the site which translated those qualifiers into actual numerical rates that would make it easier for people to estimate how long it would take them to find a given pokemon, seeing as that estimation seems to be the underlying basis for exp valuation, is it not?

I am not proposing a breakdown by individual pokemon, but rather just a numerical value for those descriptors, much like how we have numerical values for the rarity of the different classes
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Post by Thing_ling »

there is no need for making a price range almanac. both parties involved in trade are responsible for their own price of their pokemon, which means it doesn't matter what the price, what matters is how much price did you both agreed on before making such transactions. And there is no definite nor exact price of certain pokemons also. and the fact that you didn't take into consideration of asking opinions first before making a trade is already an irresponsible move and then regretting it after you made a mistake yourself.

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