#pls help me get my account back

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#pls help me get my account back

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@owner of deluge rpg, Hi Iam allen_2188 which is also my deluge username so there is this guy who took my account named Thekiller_allen so can you pls try to give it back to me as they both have my name it proves that it is one of my accounts and he saved my account password in his device and I created it in his device but he took it since I got a Charmander as starter with ark and spe and also that legendaires are common in it pls help me get it back

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Having your name doesn't prove it's yours. Only having your email set for recovery might. And even then the best you can hope for is your friend being banned.

I'm sorry, I will not be helping recover the account. Your best bet is to talk to your friend.
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