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  • Clans will be closed if the person starting the clan, or multiple members of the clan are being a nuisance in forum or game.
  • Live battle forum rules apply to any competitions held in this section
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Post by paarth121 »

this looks like a nice clan
but is inactive
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I love to trade
Pm me at⏬⏬⏬⏬

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Post by Knight8Warrior »

Hi, i want to join
username: lack124
Battle wins: 25k+
Time: IST
aaaaa Lack124

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Post by Rajesh279 »

Pyschic type
My main account Rajesh279
Feeling proud to be a CO - Clan Leader of Chamber Of Secrets and the clan's link is
My trading forum link is

My second account Rajesh00000
I like trading and messaging in game :D .

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Post by Amandeep9570 »

Fav type:dragon
Time zone:IST

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Post by Pandu »

My ign is Vishnu25
Clan Leader of The Chamber of Secrets
Link of clan is

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Post by ironblood »

type :- dragon
timezone :- edt

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Post by Polaris »

Welcome to new members! Kindly put in *favorite poke type*+*your rank in this clan* of Pantheon. Example: Dragon Deity of the Pantheon.

Happy gaming everyone!

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Post by Aarav »

Fav Type - Dragon/Fire
Time Zone - IST

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Post by KillerX-5 »

Name: cromat666
Type: fire
Time: IST
Would love to join the clan!
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