the chamber of secrets[sadly closed]

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Threads inactive for over a year may be deleted.
Forum rules
  • No thread bumping. If you made some update to your main thread, put the edit date at the end of the title.
  • No asking members for free pokemon/password/emails or any other such nonsense.
  • Fighting with other clans only through pokemon battle. No insulting each other or fighting in each others' threads.
  • Your clan specific rules will not be enforced by the Admin. Post reporting is only for people breaking forum rules.
  • You may not advertise your clans in other threads. You may also not message random people in-game or forums telling them about your clan. The only place your can mention them is in your signature or your game profile message.
  • If you have decided to close your clan, make a final post to your thread explaining this and close the thread.
  • Clans will be closed if the person starting the clan, or multiple members of the clan are being a nuisance in forum or game.
  • Live battle forum rules apply to any competitions held in this section
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User name:2eil2
Fav pokemon:psyduck
Goal: get my zekrom to 25mil exp
Fav pokemon:
Shiny black Kyurem
Shiny white Kyurem

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Hi clan-mates i will be making a new clan on 25-09-22 if anyone are interested they can join again in that clan
My ign is Vishnu25
Clan Leader of The Chamber of Secrets
Link of clan is