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User: xYokohama

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Could you remove the penalty Warning from the account please I'm Brazilian and I wrote the word Shi# that translating to PTBR would be poop or "Caramba" but where I live it's considered slang. If you can't, it's ok I wait the 30 days. but Know that I will not Repeat again. the Context was that I was excited about something my friend sent.
I hope you help me

me desculpem / Im sorry

Edit: I don't want to be banned, much less people think I'm rude or rude. I'm really worried, if you look if you have any place where my banned message was saved you can see that it wasn't a malicious message. I've always been respectful to people,
From today I will use a more formal and polite language to communicate with Friends in the community
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If you do get banned, you can create an appeal with the explanation/the context. Doing it preemptively is not of any use.

The penalties from your warning expire in 30 days. There is no long lasting effect. And while that warning was automated, any such ban will not be.
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ok, ty sir