Adding the all class search in quick trade

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Post by GodKiller1234567 »

it's going to increase trades that are unfair for 1 party and very beneficial for the others.

This will lead to the new players not wanting to continue playing once they got to know that they've been ripped off.

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Post by Tuff »

d1g1t wrote: Thu Jul 14, 2022 7:55 am I've added this to the sticky with an explanation.

What would take you 9 less searches would also take 9 less searches for someone who isn't looking for that specific pokemon, but will take it anyway because they found it at, what they consider, a discount. And since there are now maybe 10 times as many people looking at the pokemon you wanted, it'll probably be taken by the time you search for it.

If everyone's approach here is "I would prefer 9 less searches even if it means worse quality quick trades", I am happy to create an 'all class' search that only shows trades with worse scores since that wouldn't affect what I'm concerned about.
Dear admin,

Now thinking about this, I would say this isn't a great idea. I am sorry that i wasn't able to think this way, one day i was just looking for some pokemons in quick trade and while searching for multiple pokemons, I had to individually sort out the classes and this idea popped in my head that something must be done to lower the time spent here by players. It wasn't my intention to take advantage of this in such way.
Again sorry for this

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Post by d1g1t »

My post wasn't an allegation that anyone needs to defend against.
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