Type variants for attacks such as Judgment

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Type variants for attacks such as Judgment

Post by LHFF »

As the title suggest, I'd like to ask if it'd be possible to add the "type variants" for attacks that change typing. The list of attacks that currently do this, I believe, are:
- Judgment (all 18 types)
- Multi-Attack (all 18 types)
- Hidden Power (all 18 types)
- Revelation Dance (Fire/Electric/Ghost/Psychic)
- Aura Wheel (Electric/Dark)
- Techno Blast (Normal/Electric/Fire/Water/Ice)
- Weather Ball (Normal/Fire/Water/Ice/Rock)

I was wondering if it would be possible to, instead of leaving those attacks as plain Normal-type, add their type variations, so we'd have Weather Ball (Normal), Weather Ball (Fire), Weather Ball (Water), etc. I'm only asking this for the sake of the possibility of maintaining a "theme consistency" with the Pokemon (like, giving Judgment (Water) to Arceus (Water), or Revelation Dance (Fire) to Oricorio (Baile), etc).

It's okay if the answer is 'no', I just wanted to ask and suggest anyway.