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Username: Pandu

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I got a warning to my forum account. I didn't defamed anyone. I don't want to join Krishna2005 again and again in clan so I had kept Krishna2005's name in "kicked out of clan" list. I kept that because before first time Krishna2005 joined the clan and left and he joined and left and again Krishna2005 joined for tournament Krishna2005 only said he will join for only tournament. Krishna2005 will join when there is tournament and in end or when he will loose he will leave clan. Krishna2005 is doing this wantedly so I kept Krishna2005 in that list. Before I had removed many members from clan because they are not online in game for 5-6 days and some left for personal issues,etc. But Krishna2005 is joining and leaving. I got irritated so I kept Krishna2005 in that list. If that is wrong please remove that list from clan. And one more thing I didn't this after Krishna2005 blocking me I did this before only when I thought to remove Krishna2005 from clan. And I didn't do anything after Krishna2005 blocking. Once ask Krishna2005 what things I did as he said in Questions. And I did only one message in his trading forum on Sat Apr 23, 2022 7:39 pm because he was searching for uniques I have some so I messaged in his trading forum only that also one time only.
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I just don't want to deal with people fighting each other.
Writing people's name as 'kicked out' is unnecessarily provoking. Either use a more polite and less provocative title for that list, or just keep the list on your computer of people you don't want to join. If they try to join, just tell them politely that you don't want them joining due to their history.

If you're going to have the list in the thread, just write the reason next to it so it doesn't look like some list of people you hate.

And please remove the 'join my clan' bit from your signature.
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