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The MadHunterz!

Post by maddaddy »

Hello and welcome to my clan!
Ive been playing alot recently and decided i want to create my own small community!
Ive been playing for 5+ years, and im aiming towards top 100 in trainers and collecters leaderboards, my favourite pokemon is Rhyperior
I have a discord server (which isnt 100% complete but im working on it) and thats where most if not all of the clan related stuff will be happening so feel free to join!
There will be occasional giveaways and monthly tournaments
User ID - CaserDJT#8701
DM me if the server invite doesnt work
Have a nice day! :)
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Post by Everyonerockz »

makes sense, I know its not the right time to ask. Anyways, what is a clan is it like discord server or something?
My ign: Sequoia. Check my trades. If you like any of my pokemon. offer em.

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