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deluxe10 [Forum Warning]

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hi sir
sorry to waste your time sir
i joined on day before yesterday
and i joined because i was finding ts charmander but i did not get any also when i offer someone they will decline for no reason
so i had no experience so when i made my first thread , and when i checked for 2 days no one was responding there were only views
so i thought maybe it was my mistake i didn't follow one of the rule . then i was reading the rule one by one i saw a rule called i should lock the threade when i am done with it . so i though maybe i didn't lock my thread that why no one is responding so i did not now how to i asked my freind told i should click hammer button to lock it and i locked it . and then i had realized if i had locked it then no one could reply.
sir for this reason i got a message from you and i got warning level 1 in my profile .
please sir I will not repeat it again could you remove my warning
kindly deluxe 10
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That forum warning isn't something you need to be too concerned about as long as you understand it, which you seem to. The warnings are not visible to others.
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