New trade system

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New trade system

Post by GetRektM8 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:43 am

I bet you've heard of a issue where there's this player 1 has been promised to be offered with certain pokemons exchange to the player 1's 2 valuable pokemons but all the player 2 want is the just the first good pokemon and the player 2 did was offered some small amount of value in the high valued pokemon then he'd never gonna offer to the 2nd pokemon

It's same with the player 1 cuz he can scam the promised pokemons by only accepting the low valued pokemon offered with certain pokemons and wont accept the offer on the high value lets say it was chrome hoopa ts and chrome caterpie ts all he did was accepting the offer on caterpie only

I promote this suggestion becuz its scam-free all the players gonna do is put pokemons with same trade area so if a player offers pokemons with the posted pokemon, if accepted he gets all the pokemons on the same area for example he offered 250 uniques and he gets 2 chrome ts on the same trade at once
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