Sticky: Read before making suggestions

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Note that the game is not being actively developed for quite sometime now. Any updates will be few and far in between.
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  • You may never receive a response from the admin if you post here.
  • Your suggestion may never be implemented.
  • Do not message the admin about your suggestion or thread.
  • Post in this section only if you understand the above.
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Sticky: Read before making suggestions

Post by d1g1t » Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:36 pm

Points to note before making suggestions:
  • This is a fan game. We are not trying to bring the pokemon video games online. It is also not a simulator. We do not intend to go in that direction.
  • DelugeRPG was created because the old was closed and there was no good replacement at the time. Most features on this game are based on those of
  • Only one person works on this site. A few volunteers help with sprites and what not (see about page). But only one person can work on your suggestion, so please don't go overboard with the suggestions
Heres a few guidelines for making suggestions:
  • Write in the topic name what your idea is about.
  • Please do NOT write something vague like 'Some Suggestions'
  • If you have multiple suggestions, it would be convenient if you made separate threads for ideas that are unrelated to each other.
  • The better you explain your idea, the easier it will be for people to understand. Don't worry if the explanation is very huge, I'll read it.
  • Search the forums to see if your idea has been suggested before
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Post by d1g1t » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:45 am

Rejected Ideas:
  • Music - Play your own music
  • Eggs/Breeding - Doesn't make sense here. Also, too much work for too little
  • Buying/Selling Pokemon - I don't like this
  • 3D/Animation - No. Buy the actual video games you cheapskate
  • More Pokemon Classes (Golden etc) - We already have more than we need
  • Filter to find all duplicate pokemon / Filter to find all uniques - These cannot be added because they are very slow and expensive operations especially on large accounts where such a thing is most likely to be used.
  • Posts regarding missing sprites - We can't add them until they're actually ready. We don't make the sprites and depend on generous people who make them. We will not harass them to hurry up because you're impatient or bothered by it. You can however submit sprites you've made yourself, not found on the internet.
  • Donations for pokemon - Firstly thats not a donation, its a purchase. We'll not be having that or donations. If you do wish to donate, we recommend donating to any of the open source software listed on our about page that we make use of.
  • Custom Pokemon boxes - You can use nicknames to organize your pokemon. If you nickname the pokemon with the same nickname tag or begin the nicknames with the same tag, you can search them with "~tag" in the search box
  • Mobile Apps - I'm not interested in making one
  • Themes for site/forum - I have no interest in maintaining multiple style for the sites
  • Battle Tournaments - I have no interesting in running or managing one. People are free to try holding unofficial ones themselves
  • Embedded chat on all pages/maps - Thats just silly
  • Changing Username - Because of all the problems that come along with it. I'm not going to code this and everything else needed to stop the abuse of this feature
  • Pokemon Stats/Special Attacks/Battle Items/Held Items - Deluge isn't meant to be a pokemon simulator. I have no intention of adding these.
  • People moving in the maps in realtime - We tried it. It was annoying and slow.
  • That feature thats in that other online pokemon game - We don't need everything to become a clone of another
  • Show pokemon stats in the maps - Firstly wild pokemon don't have stats. Its decided after the pokemon is captured. This is intentional. This means its absolutely impossible for a person to influence when a pokemon with stats appears. So its equally fair to everyone that is catching pokemon, or equally unfair depending on how you look at it.
  • Anything that involves making sprites or any other sort of artwork - I'm not an artist.
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