offer editing feature

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offer editing feature

Post by ramukaka123 »

Dear D1G1T,
as you know many people are doing mass offers nowadays.
But in the process if you put a valuable pokemon you have to completely remove offer and re select all the pokemon which is very hectic so i would like to introduce another option named "edit offer" which can allow the user to remove the pokemons he wants and put new pokemons instead or just leave it which will make it more convenient.
Thank you for reading

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Post by Tapu_Kingdom »

No bro this might cause loss
If the other user accepts your offer while editing , it is a loss,
Or if you remove good pokemon after offering and while the user is accepting, it is huge loss

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Post by drallyowl »

I would imagine that it would be implemented with the same safeguards as are likely in place for the situation where someone deletes an offer at the same time as the offer is accepted. I don't know what happens in that situation, but I would imagine the same would happen here.

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