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Post by Yushkun » Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:49 am

Can a pokemon devolve?

not every poke could, but here are the list of pokes that could devolve.

Slowbro. If the Shellder falls off, it turns back into Slowpoke.
Exeggutor. If the eggs fall off, they turn into Exeggute.
Kyogre. Prehistoric de-volution in OR and AS.
Groudon. Prehistoric de-volution in OR and AS.
Eevee. Through unnatural means, in Pokemon Adventures, an Eevee modified by Team Rocket can devolve and re-evolve into any of its forms.

It would be interesting if devolving applies to those certain pokes in-game.
(and lets say devolving would be risky for the consequence that it would lose your exp, and the specific poke would or might its level down)
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