A heads up on the changes in the upcoming G-Max update

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A heads up on the changes in the upcoming G-Max update

Post by d1g1t »

There will be an update towards the end of this month that will contain the remaining Gen 8 pokemon and G-Max (Gigantamax) pokemon.

So one thing I can confirm is that the G-Max pokemon will be considered as separate pokemon like Megas and count towards the pokedex and not simply be formes. They will permanently 'evolve' here similar to Mega Evolution.

To address a couple of issues, I've decided to use G-Max as a slow paced late game feature. What does this mean?
  • G-Max pokemon will not be tradeable. Since I have to implement this anyway, I have decided to make Event pokemon not tradeable too. This would make event abuse a complete waste of time.
  • You will not be able to G-Max a pokemon simply by clicking on Evolve.
  • To G-Max a pokemon, you will have to complete a series of battle challenges (The specifics of this will be posted at the time of the update)
  • You will be allowed to finish this set of challenges only once a day. This means you are limited to G-Maxing a maximum of one pokemon per day.
The above only applies to G-Max pokemon. Other pokemon in the update are not affected by this.
Dynamaxing will not work this way (Details of that will be in the update notes which will posted at the time of the update)

The main reason for limiting this to once a day is to discourage people from spending an extraordinary amount of time each day playing. Even if it might be good for the site, I do not believe this is good for the individual user. And making it non-tradeable addresses a different issue of terrible 'uniques pricing' that seems to have become common now and frequently used in scamming.

'But my cool pokemon with all the states is worth 800 pokemon!!! facebook/discord/the forum people agree with me!!'
By that 'rarity' measurement, it might be worth 9999 normal caterpies (or more, but let's keep the numbers within the game limits). But if a person asked you for that, you would find that extremely unreasonable and stupid. Because it is. you might also notice that you aren't getting compensated for the time it takes to catch that many pokemon, the cost in pokeballs and masterballs that you spent to obtain these many pokemon.
This is why, despite being asked repeatedly, I have not increased the offer limit on a pokemon. There is nothing in the game that is more than 10 times rarer than the next rarest thing. With that in mind, the limit of a 100 is seems very reasonable.

But because this form of trading has already become common, I'm afraid adding G-Max pokemon into this might make this silly way of valuing worse than it already is. That said, making them untradeable might make for a nice sense of achievement since people will know you G-Maxed the pokemon yourself by completing the challenges and didn't get a hundred of them traded to you just because you luckily came across a rare pokemon on the maps.

Any additional info about the update, I will be posting in the updates log when it is out. I'm posting about this here so people aren't shocked all at once at the time of the update, so people can move around/release their extra event pokemon and/or take this info into account when trading before the update.

Edit: The second part of this update has been delayed and will probably happen in mid-december.
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Post by Malakatuni »

Interesting update. Thank you for the work still being put into the game. Looking forward to it

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This is so cool ! :)

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Post by AwakaS »

when will the new update be active?. gmax machine etc.
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Please new update


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Respected sir admin,
please release new updates fastly.

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Waiting for it

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Dear Admin Sir/Ma'am,
We are eagerly waiting for the new update
and it is looking nice …
we want this game to improve further..
Thank you, :)
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Post by Alzarian »

Are G-max evolved pokemon stronger than Mega, if yes how strong are they? I haven't seen their base stats yet so I am pretty curious about this. Thanks.