Claiming Event

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Claiming Event

Post by Proylan » Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:41 am

Are you here on this thread because you are having a problem with claiming the event prize?

If battling gym trainers is not working for you no matter how many times you beat the gym trainers, and it still gives you "10 battles to go" which doesn't change your requirement(s) to meet for claiming the prize.

here is the reason why.
If you are using mobile phone, make sure to login
Here--> ""
and not here

Claiming your prize on mobile using the WWW/World Wide Web won't let you claim the prize, so be sure to use M/Mobile which is compatible for mobile, and use WWW/World Wide Web if you are playing on your computer.

why is it directly logging you out when you are viewing or claiming the prize?
It's either you haven't meet the requirements of the event or it's the browsing site compatibility which is the WWW & M
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