red line message appeal

These are only for wrongly received account warnings that are visible when visiting your profile.
Do not make a thread if your message has a red marking.
Lying to get your warning removed will result in a ban.
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  • This is only for account warnings that are visible on your profile.
  • Only wrongly given warnings may be appealed.
  • This is not for complaining about messages being marked red or any other type of message given to you by the game.
  • Your post title should be only your affected username.
  • Lying about your warning will result in a ban.
  • Appeal post must be made within one month of the warning being received.
  • You may not create any thread or post regarding others' accounts.
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red line message appeal

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Respected Admin ,

sir , as you know 5 months ago there was a guy who suspiciously sent delugerpg messages to facebook , so he was to be banned , after his account got deleted , i created another account similar to that guy's account name which is named as "X_Gamer_X'' but i did not impersonate anyone . that account was given to that guy by the user "Aggressive_ruler" . so today , casually i messaged aggresive_ruler and in reply he asked me if why i had created a username similar to his old account and in reply i said "you gave that acc to another guy . now i am the owner of x_gamer_x and plz do not question me ." and then i got a red line to that message but what i meant was "you gave that account to another guy and he banned it by doing couple of mistakes , and after his account got deleted , i have the full rights to keep similar username" but again i am telling that i did not impersonae anyone sir . due to a grammatical error please dont take this issue seriously and dont ban my account . i will correct my sentences from now . i told what happened from first to last sir .
yours truly

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