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User: golden-pokemon

Post by pokemonvast »

greetings admin sir
I have read the rules for this section and also the sticky thread
i want to appeal my ban because my account golden-pokemon was banned for harassing users to trade.
i never harassed any one to trade sir. i was defendind myself not to get scammed
a user named yaseen321 who is already banned was trying to scam me by saying to offer my ts on his normal pokemon, then he will offer and i will accept his ts on my normal pokemon.
i couldnt report at that time because i didnt know that we can report users.
so i said him to have a fair trade because he might fool me. but he started saying some nonsense that in his account his offers get declined automatically and it will only get accepted if i offer on normal pokemon.
i surely knew it was a scam and tried to say him to have a fair trade.
then he said he is a christian and he never lies.
then i said so what if you are a christian.
and later my account got banned
his account did not get banned for trying to scam me, but after a long time it got banned for some other reason
please look into it and unban my account sir

edited: waiting for you to look into the issue and reply sir
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Post by d1g1t »

The person tried to back out of the trade. Maybe he lied about his reasons, but it's still his decision whether he wants to trade something or not. It was very clear to you that he didn't want to trade with you.
You continued to ask him to try it, see if it goes through. You also questioned his 'true christian' comment. There are other comments I see that try to make the person feel bad for not trading with you.
This is not okay.

That person was banned for scamming. Not for scamming you.
Your ban will not be removed.
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