Check - Suspicious

Use this for reporting users that are breaking game rules.
Note that you do not get to request bans or choose the punishment
Forum rules
  • Do not report based on hunches and feelings.
  • Back your claim with some proof.
  • Do not lie in your report.
  • Provide screenshots where possible (how to take a screenshot?)
  • Do not resize your screenshots. You may crop out irrelevant parts if you wish.
  • Upload them to an image hosting site like (facebook is not an image host)
  • Lost accounts/pokemon will not be recovered.
  • Do not bring your personal fights here.
  • If the thread has nothing to do with you and you have no additional information about the reported person's offense, do not post replies
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Check - Suspicious

Postby jaredletto » Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:40 am

when you look at his team this picture appear, i scroll it down to see his team.
Image "Array"

And when you look at his pokemon he has too many same pokemon:

And he has in his profile a very suspicious link:

And when you fight him this appear:
I just want you to check this player..
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Re: Check - Suspicious

Postby d1g1t » Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:51 am

Well, the first is an old people which can be fixed with instructions on the page
The next two, is pretty common. People just collect and trade for multiples of the pokemon they like.
The last one however looks like a 'make free money' scam, so I've decided to ban them for now
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