Banned in chat for COMPLETELY no reason

If you got accidentally banned in the chat, you may create a thread in here.
Please note that bans last 12 hours and it is possible that you will be automatically unbanned before any of the staff see your post.
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This forum is for unbans from the CHATROOM. Game bans will not be removed.
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Banned in chat for COMPLETELY no reason

Postby anshul911 » Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:49 am

banned for no reason,yesterday a guy messaged me rohitroy17 so i asked him that is he trading his pokemon,he demanded soo much chrome legends for them that i felt like silening him,i couldnt even negotiate him,so i said that you put it on trade and i will offer,so i offered a 5 level magikarp on his poke(it was +spe though),so he got soo aangry he abused me in pm sooo much.then he told i will get you banned for wasting time and then he typed --
swordsman told me to type this,*bad word*
and then my internet stopped for a second ,so it automatically quitted then when i rejoined after adjusting my net i was banned for no reason plleease hellp me!
i was banned for no apparent reason!
Hello! I am Anshul,
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Re: Banned in chat for COMPLETELY no reason

Postby Tolga » Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:43 am

anshul911 wrote:banned for no reason

no is not for "no reason", it was for evading your akick;
if you ask why you are akicked ( permanent ban ) ;
ban evading , impersonation ( more than once ) , spamming people , spamming on room , making users get bans from bots etc.
we were just letting you stay then watch you for remove your perma-ban or keep it, since you get many bans in that time period, removing seems not like an option;

<Sword_sman> bye
<Sword_sman> censored
<%Tolga> Sword_sman ?
<Sword_sman> yes?
<Sword_sman> wrong chat
<%Tolga> what it meant to be ?
<Sword_sman> no
<Sword_sman> wrong chat

And from this talk, i say you were up to something anyway and a user banned.
Show respect to your akick, and do not come back until you fully behave,
You will be banned by active staff on sight for evading your akick if they decide to not waste their time on you.
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Re: Banned in chat for COMPLETELY no reason

Postby Oshkosh123 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:46 pm

im oshkosh 123 and im banned forever in chat even i didnt do anything my friend told me he went on his account and did it and did not do it im enocent plzz unbanned me plzz i did not do it he traped me plzz help me plzz
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