Guide for Quick Trade

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Guide for Quick Trade

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  1. Where can I access Quick Trade?
    Move your mouse pointer over 'Trade' in the Navigation Bar, and you’ll see the drop-down list for Quick Trade. (
  2. How to put pokemon in Quick Trade?
    Click on “Create a Quick Trade

    Search for the pokemon you want to put in Quick Trade, and click on “Select”.

    Thereafter, you’ll be brought to this window:

    The following are the criteria or rules you can choose for the Pokemon you want in return. (Each of these is optional)
    • Select the level of the pokemon
    • What type do you want the pokemon to be
    • Should the pokemon be a legendary pokemon or not? (Note: If you named a specific pokemon you want, both of them will be ticked)
    • How much experience you want
    • The name of the pokemon that you’re asking for
    After you are done, click “Create”, and then “Confirm”.
    Warning: Remember to check Step 3 in the above image before clicking Confirm! Double check that those are the conditions you want.
  3. How do I search pokes on Quick Trade?
    Type in the name of the pokemon you’re searching for, and select what type of pokemon you’re looking for.
  4. How do I offer on other players' pokemon(s) on Quick Trade?
    There are different conditions for Quick Trade. They are: Level of pokemon, Type of the pokemon(Metallic, Normal, Mirage etc), Legendary or Non-Legendary Pokemon, Amount of experience it has, and lastly there is a Specific Pokemon requested. In the next few examples I'll show you a few conditions that you'll need to fulfil when offering on players' pokemon in Quick Trade.
    1. Level of Pokemon
      As you can see, only the pokemon that are Level 10 and above are made available to offer. This means any pokemon between Level 10 and 100 will be made available to offer.
    2. Legendary & Non-Legendary
      As you can see only the legendaries and non legendary pokemon are made available to offer on each of the image respectively.
    3. Experience
      Only the pokemon that have 100,000 or higher experience are made available to offer.
    4. Specific Pokemon & Type
      Only a Normal-type Pidgey will be made available to offer, other type pidgeys will not be shown.

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