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Missing Sprites Megathread

Post by d1g1t »

Disclaimer: I don't make the sprites. I depend on people who do. I don't nag them to hurry up. They do it in their free time even though they are not obligated to. I'm thankful for their help. And I can be patient.

I already have a list of all the sprites that are missing back sprites or missing shinies.

But it appears people like to report them anyway, so please post them here instead of a new thread for each.

Also note that sprites are updated in batches and not one by one.

You can also post here if you would like to submit correct shiny sprites that you created yourself. Don't post other people's work.
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Post by LittleCubsy »

I wanted to let you know that Shiny Rockruff is incorrectly sprited as a brown colour, while actual Shiny Rockruff is a light blue.

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Post by Tolga »

it does not have a shiny sprite yet ; there are some other pokemons that miss shiny versions , i think there is a megathread for those.

edit : yepp there it is : viewtopic.php?f=20&t=6874

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Post by Rakdoskeyrune »

Solgaleo is missing a shiny sprite as well.

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Post by DarkShinyLugia »

Alolan Ninetales is missing a Shiny sprite. However, it would not be possible to use the one made for Pokemon Showdown, since that Shiny sprite is actually incorrect.

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Post by younescoolguy1 »

Mega Metagross has been missing a shiny for a while now, actually.
EDIT: Shiny Midnight Lycanroc is missing a sprite as well as Morelull, Passimian, Komala, Dhelmise, Solgaleo (who mysteriously uses an incorrect sprite), Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord, Necrozma and Magearna (Not Original).

No, Minior Meteor and Cosmog are not incorrect. Their shinies are *that* bad.

Shiny Mega MetagrossShiny Lycanroc (Midnight)Shiny MorelullShiny PassimianShiny KomalaShiny DhelmiseShiny SolgaleoShiny PheromosaShiny XurkitreeShiny CelesteelaShiny KartanaShiny GuzzlordShiny NecrozmaShiny Magearna
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Post by 2Good4Yoe »

Also the Shiny Piplup

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Post by nexian009 »

The back sprite of Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Graveler seems had a problem.
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Post by nexian009 »

I had problem with these Shinies. These are similar to the original ones. Shiny Alolan Ninetales in the video game is almost similar to Shiny Ninetales. Shiny Dhelmise is different because its seaweed is Red.
= means they are the same
≠ means they are not
Shiny Alolan Ninetales = Alolan Ninetales
Shiny Dhelmise = Dhelmise
Shiny CosmogCosmog
Shiny Rockruff = Rockruff
Shiny Lycanroc (Midday)Lycanroc (Midday)
Shiny SalazzleSalazzle

Most shinies that are the same are UBs and Necrozma
Pheromosa's shiny is Black legs
Xurkie is Dark Blue same as Necrozma
Guzzlord is clearly White and Red
Celesteela is clear White
Kartana's Yellow part is White in Shiny variation
Shiny NihilegoNihilego
Shiny BuzzwoleBuzzwole
Shiny Pheromosa = Pheromosa
Shiny Xurkitree = Xurkitree
Shiny Kartana = Kartana
Shiny Celesteela = Celesteela
Shiny Guzzlord = Guzzlord
Shiny Necrozma = Necrozma
Shiny SolgaleoSolgaleo
Shiny LunalaLunala
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Post by nexian009 »

Some shinies are correct and some are far from reality.
Shiny Lycanroc (Midnight)Shiny ShiinoticShiny Morelull
Shiny Mega MetagrossShiny Mega GengarShiny Minior (Red Core)Shiny Alolan SandslashShiny Alolan MarowakShiny Alolan VulpixShiny Alolan SandshrewShiny Alolan ExeggutorShiny Alolan GrimerShiny Alolan RaticateShiny GolisopodShiny PassimianShiny OranguruShiny CrabominableShiny Bewear

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