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Post by pokevarun2 »

OK it happens with others as well!

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Post by Despise »

Hello there,

I've been using Live Battle a lot now, and sometimes in the middle of a battle the whole thing just disappears and only the "Notes" part of Live Battle is showing. I hope this will be fixed, it's really annoying, especially when the battle is almost ending. Thanks!

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Post by -Valkyrie- »

i feel you bro..

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Post by pokevarun2 »

same thing happening again... Live battle just stops in between for both players

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Post by pokevarun2 »

Again... Live battle stops in between...

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Post by JetInMoon »

While i was in live battle with eletricgamer114,we was talking in the chat,and the game thinked that eletricgamer114 don´t attacked,it was with a metallic mega metagross,he defeated almost all my pokemon,and that happened,i don´t remember what pokemon i was using,that is all

Shiny Mega Lucario

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Post by dragohunter »

ya its really a big bug as whenever i am battling i just see that my opponent does not respond.i thought it while my opponent messaged me and told that i have quit !
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Post by arjunas23012001 »

The Live battle feature is not working at all!!
I faced this problem on 19th feb while trying to battle vidyavvl and the problem still persists. It shows the challenge and works fine till i accept it.
But then it doesnt move forward from "You have been waiting for..." page. Its the same situation when u send battle requests. You send the request and keep waiting for the other person to respond while the other person says in chat that he/she has accepted the challenge.
This problem has probably arised after gen 7 update because earlier it worked resonably fine. I might be wrong though-i dont play too many live battles.
Hope this prob gets solved very soon :)


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Post by NithishB »

When I and my friend do Live Battle, 2/10 times even though both of us choose our moves, it still gets stuck at "You're waiting for your opponent....." screen for both of us.
Please try to solve this ASAP

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Post by Tittu »

When i click on lb ...... :lol: :lol:


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