[Fixed] multi-select not working properly when adding or removing pokemon to/from trades in bulk

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[Fixed] multi-select not working properly when adding or removing pokemon to/from trades in bulk

Post by drallyowl »

through a bit of experimenting, I figured out that the maximum number it is possible to try to transfer without it giving an error warning (which, bug number 1, says the issue occurs when selecting more than 50) is 250 pokemon. 251 or more and it shows said error warning at the bottom of the confirmation window. I just tried to add 250 pokemon to trade at once, and noted the change in the number at the bottom of the screen before and after: it only put 40 of the 250 pokemon selected up for trade, which is less than even the 50 mentioned in the previously mentioned warning message that appears when more than 250 are selected.

It would be nice if, first of all, this upper limit didn't exist. (I get that this is a big ask given server limitations and not wanting to have to process thousands of pokemon being put up for trade in one action). at the very least, it would be nice if the message warning that errors can occur showed up only (or always, as the case may be) when at the point where errors occur, and at the very least, if it can handle 50 no problem, it shouldn't then only be sending 40 to trade if an error occurs
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Post by d1g1t »

This is fixed to the extent I've understood it. Feel free to reply here if it's still broken. A screenshot or two might help me understand the issue better.
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