Showing you own pokemon while you dont have

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Showing you own pokemon while you dont have

Post by badong26 »

Been encoutering this bug/glitch i guess. E.g when roaming in map i found minior(indigo core) pokedex shows i have one but actually i still do not have this pokemon, also happens to Arceus, rockruff, and other pomokens with evolve form.

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Post by zacian1 »

That is because in this game u need to get only one form of a poke to get it counted as a unique .

For example even if u get normal arceus fire,water,grass... it will be still counted as a unique only .
And while roaming in the map if u already have a retro arceus psychic and u ecounter a retro arceus dark it will be shown as u have it cause u got a retro arceus already .

Hope it helps .

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