status ailment

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status ailment

Postby whyte_smile » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:05 pm

I've found this bug a while ago. at first I don't mind but after encountering it multiple times, it bothers me now.
Do during battle and one of my Pokemon gets status that causes damage. for instance poison. A shiny level 100 will always get 50 damage from the poison. The thing is, it subtracts the HP before applying the attack. Here is an example. A Shiny Jolteon +SPE at 40HP(Poisoned) vs Dark Gyarados +ATK at 400HP. This is a guaranteed OHKO since Jolteon is faster, will get a STAB from Bolt Strike and since Gyarados is 4x weak to electric. But the outcome will always be Shiny Jolteon knocking out first because of poison yet damage like this should be done AFTER the attack is done. so Dark Gyarados should be knocked out first because of Bolt Strike before Shiny Jolteon is knocked out because of poison hence if Gyarados is the last Pokemon, ending the battle and having Jolteon monopolize all the EXP gained during the battle.

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Re: status ailment

Postby ZedeadBlaze » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:24 pm

In this game status ailment effect on your pokemon is applied before your attacking chance even if your pokemon has +speed stat.

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