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Post by Eministic »


Welcome to PokeBlazers!
I joined Deluge in 2019, quit for a while and came back. I’ve been wanting to start a clan for a few months, and finally decided to start one now :)

All necessary info (Application Form, Clan Info etc.) is below
Application Form :
Ingame Username
Favourite Pokémon
Reason For Joining (Must be a valid reason, not something vague like “I like clans”
Discord Username (if you’ve got one)
Discord Server:
1) ”Do you host giveaways”
A) Yes, but only once every two weeks. This is to prevent people from joining just for the sake of giveaways

2) “Do you host tournaments?”
A) Depends, but yes

3) “What are the requirements for joining the clan?”
A) None. Just make sure you’ve got a Deluge Account (if you’re ingame Account is banned, you won’t be allowed to join)

4) “Someone in the clan is being rude/breaking clan rules. What do I do?
A) You can DM me @Eministic ingame and I’ll look into the problem

5) “Can I advertise my clan/YouTube channel/trades here?”
A) No. you can advertise your trades on the discord server, but not your clan threads/discord servers/YouTube channels.

6) “Will i get free Pokémon if I join the clan?”
A) No. This clan is to socialize with other members of the game. Not a place to receive free Pokémon for no reason
Clan Rules:
1) Follow the game rules
2) No swearing/NSFW
3) Don’t DM random people in game/discord with the clans link
4) Do not attempt to act smart with clan staff/members if you’ve made a mistake
5) if you’ve been banned from the clan, you cannot join from another account
6) No begging for free Pokémon from clan members
7) do not use this thread/our discord server to advertise your clan.
Info regarding inactive/new members:
you will be considered a member of the clan, but you cannot enter giveaways. Only active members will be allowed to enter giveaways. Even if you’ve won a giveaway and you’re a new/inactive member, you won’t recieve your prize
Clan Bans:
N/A as of now
Regarding Staff Members:
Being a new clan, we are looking for people to moderate the discord server and clan members. The only requirement is having Experience with moderating an ACTIVE discord server with 75+ members
Regarding The Clan Bot:
1) “Can I invite the bot to my discord server?”
A) No. the bot is exclusive to the PokeBlazers discord server

2) “Why isn’t the bot in the server?”
A) The bot is currently under testing. We will add it to the server as soon as it’s finished

3) “Is the bot affiliated with Deluge?”
A) No. It’s just a bot that we’re trying to develop for the CLAN
Follow the Clan+Game Rules, Stay Safe and enjoy! ;)

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Post by bludragon987 »

In gane username- Kingcars
Favorite Pokemon - ash greninja
Reason for joining - I want to meet more people
Discord username- The Half Blood Prince#6909

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Post by tatatatatata »

In game username:zenori
Favourite pokemon:Dialga
Reason For joining:For fun
Discord Username:Bingo

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Post by Mrincognito1102 »

ign:- eminem1102
Favourite pokemon: dawn wings necrozma
Reason for joining: i want to socialize & gain new friends
Discord: CARNAGE#1997
My ign:- eminem1102

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Post by Eministic »

Welcome, all of you :)

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Post by Knight8Warrior »

I want to join
Goal is to complete the dex of chrome legends spe
Birthday is January 7
I love all pokemons

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Post by Aadiluvkush »

I want to join but I quitted :| :|
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Post by shadowblazer1422 »

Favourite pokemon:arceus
Reason for joining:for fun
Discord username:CollateralDamage#7745

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Post by GodKiller1234567 »

I wanna join , and I have aldready .. and I'm also mod of the clan , just wanted to legally enter the clan VIA forums too ..
won't hesitate to block you if you offer trash. :( so please dont .. :mrgreen:
Main account....- MAXi-DEViL
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Post by ADDYISLIVE___ »

Can I join your clan IGN ADDYISLIVE___ reason to make friends :)
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