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pokeglaze clan

Post by Divjotsingh »

Welcome to pokeglaze clan
discord link-https://discord.gg/w8DtXmCzJs

I started my pokemon journey in 2018 and I've always enjoyed this game so I thought of making a clan so that we can have more fun in this game.There will be more events, tournaments, and raffles. Below are some instructions about the clan and how to join it. The first 10 users will get 5 legendary pokemon and on birthdays the users will get a surprise gift from me. Please remind me because it is hard to keep track of the birthday of every user
Giveaways will happen for both non-discord and discord members here only
to be a part of this clan fill in the application form
DelugeRPG username:
DelugeRPG goals :
Birthday:( can be fake )
favourite pokemon:

for example

DelugeRPG username : n1njaw1rrio2
DelugeRPG goals : to become the top collector and trainer
Birthday : 20th September
favourite pokemon: zekrom and reshiram

1) follow all-game rules
2) don't be rude to other clan or friends
3)in your profile u can write member of the 'pokeglaze clan' ( optional )
4)Please follow the above rules otherwise you will be kicked out of the clan without a second thought.
1) weekly giveaways for discord members and for non-discord members every 2 weeks.
2) Monthly tournaments(live battles) for both Discord and Non-Discord members.
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Post by Knight8Warrior »

Hello I want to join the clan
IGN Knight8Warrior
Goal to become the top trainer
Birthday 7 January
All pokemons are my favorite
Thank you!
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Post by ananya-vinay »

I want to join the clan

IGN ananyavinay

Goal: Get 6 Chrome Ts Legends

Birthday: April 7

I like Ash-Greninja


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Post by Divjotsingh »

Welcome to the clan ☺️☺️

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Post by Mrincognito1102 »

I wanna Join
Ign:- Eminem1102
Goal: To Have a good collection of chrome lgends spe
"B"Date: 11feb
Birthday : 20th September
favourite pokemon: dawn wings necrozma

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Post by mrawesome »

I wanna join
IGN : savage_xtreme
goal: to have a good collection of retro legends
birthday : 7th april
favourite pokemon : shiny raquaza atk and spe
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Post by Divjotsingh »

Welcome to the clan :)

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Post by DRAGXO »

I want to join this clan
goal: become #1 collector
Birthday: 28th February
Favourite pokemon: Darkrai and Vivillon

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Post by helpbro_2006 »

i want to join this clan
goal:to be the top exp trainer
birthday:july18[deluge joining date]
favourite pokemon:
chrome charmander,spe
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Post by Divjotsingh »

Welcome to clan :D :D

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