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What’s your favorite Pokémon class‼️

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Post by ChiefFlash »


Welcome to 🔥PokeGrinders🔥

Discord Link (exclusive giveaways) : https://discord.gg/NCmjBC6
Youtube Link (tips and tricks) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtKqeW6qL3kKPsVx_CVmDlA

I started playing DelugeRPG back in 2015, and I’ve always had lots of love for this game. I want to create a community of players where we can have fun with this game. With that, their will be additional events such a live battle tournaments and raffles. Below are the instructions on how to join the clan 😎

Please copy this template, when you respond to the forum and fill the questions with your personal answers.

Application Form:
DelugeRPG username:
Favorite Pokemon:
Birthday (honestly it can be fake 🥳):
DelugeRPG goals:

Example (This is my form)

DelugeRPG username: pokevortex
Favorite Pokémon: Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y / Oshawott
Birthday: May 10th
DelugeRPG goals: #1 collector
1. Weekly Giveaways
2. Free Pokémon on your birthday 🎁🥳 (please remind me, it's hard to keep track of)
3. Annual gifts for being part of the clan
1.Stay active
2.Don’t be toxic 🤬🚫
3.Follow all in-game rules
4.If your planning on joining, stay loyal, and don’t join 5 other clans
5. In your in game profile message, say your a member of the “PokeGrinders Clan” (optional)
6.Have fun 👊
7. If you don’t follow the rules, you get the boot 🥾
Legendary (40,000 points+)
kleitzev (43,236 points)
Karthiknaik1608 (42,084 points)
-saddist- (41,619 points)
pokevortex (40,090 points)

Pseudo Legendary (30,000-40,000 points)
genesse21 (38,900 points)
as16 (35,473 points)
cariappa_14 (33,141 points)
darr1l (32,858 points)
Inkynekos (32,026 points)

Mega Evolution(20,000-30,000 points)
tanveer88 (29,839 points)
DragonicOverlord (27,566 points)
hemantjeetu1692004 (26,219 points)
trew123 (24,604 points)
SSCatcher. (22,750 points)
raj-thehunter (22,506 points)

Last Evolution (10,000-20,000 points)
Lordhighness (19,896 points)
dozzy (19,500 points)
Bubhead (19,219 points)
ansh2.o (18,700 points)
Shototodorokikhun (18,504 points)
dermiterilized (18,499 points)
Jungkook613BTS (17,640 points)
pendurkar (16,310 points)
mew321 (16,274 points)
1118SU (14,909 points)
AshPickachu777 (14,506 points)
Hiroyuki31 (14,106 points)
divasingh (14,059 points)
sarvagnyaj (11,628 points)
junjun15 (10,177 points)

Middle Evolution (5000-10,000 points)
z7- (8,856 points)
sarthak-shrivastava (8,746 points)
avi01 (8,439 points)
fizgaming737 (8,072 points)
HirumaStyle (7,271 points)
pikapika18 (7,553 points)
utkrisht (6,583 points)
_nickname_ (5,896 points)
Eministic (5,432 points)
Marion7800 (5,408 points)

First Evolution (0-5000 points)
NotArem (4,686 points)
PokemonGrunt (4,568 points)
Yashwanth-0042 (2,469 points)
Dorkydotk (2,396 points)
tavish.gandhi (2,765 points)
jxyu (2,101 points)
BlackBlood3635 (1,438 points)
-BORN-DEAD- (1,380 points)

Inactive Members:
Past Giveaways:
Giveaway Winner 7/26/20: Shototodorokikhun

Chrome Genesect
Chrome Terrakion

Giveaway Winner 7/25/20: Marion7800

Chrome Nihilego, atk
Shiny Uxie

Giveaway Winner 7/18/20: Jungkook613BTS

Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y
Chrome Blacephalon, def
Negative Genesect

Giveaway Winner 7/12/2020: utkrisht

Mirage Mew
Mirage Articuno
Chrome Solgaleo

4th of July Giveaway Winner 7/4/2020: Hiroyuki31

Shiny Mewtwo
Shiny Arceus (bug)
Chrome Mewtwo
Chrome Latias
Chrome Cobalion

Giveaway Winners 6/7/2020: pikapika18 and PokemonGrunt

Dark Dialga
Dark Groudon

Giveaway Winners 5/17/2020: dermiterilized and pikapika18

Shiny Kyogre
Shiny Melmetal

Giveaway Winners 5/10/2020: PokemonGrunt and paarth121

Shiny Terrakion
Negative Yveltal
Past Discord Giveaways:
First one is ongoing rn!

2020 July 28th

Major changes to the discord server
-Added multiple bots, and changes to lots of channels
-Big thanks to Sylvia and DragonicOverlord, for all the changes

2020 July 24th

-New youtube channel released with tips and tricks
-Added a giveaway category on discord, and will be having exclusive giveaways only on discord
-Added Discord Giveaways, so players can see past winners, and pokemon they won

2020 June 29th
-Forum is much more organized, with the spoilers
-Added Updates, so players can see progress of the clan
-Added Giveaways, so players can see past winners, and pokemon they won

2020 June 26th
-Updated rankings from the new point system in deluge
-Inactive players have been removed from Ranking System

2020 June 6th
-Trade advertisement subsection added for players

2020 June 1st
-Trade channel on discord server added
-Worth subsection added for players

2020 May 23rd
-Live Battle Tournament occurred, with 7 participants
-Winners was Inkynekos
-3 day tournament, struggled with players getting online at same time

2020 May 21st
-New pseudo legendary tier added
-Everybody on discord assigned a role from their tier
-Giveaways and bot-channel subsection added to discord server
-Shout out to Zera for helping organize discord server
-Live Battle Tournament planned to happen soon with good rewards

2020 May 11th
-Fixed all messy spaces, and made forum organized/appealing
-Changed tiers to poke related names
-Tiers changed to First Evo,Middle Evo, Last Evo, Mega Evo, Legendary

2020 May 10th
-New Members List Added
-New Tiers depending on your in-game points
-Tiers are Bronze,Gold,Elite,Platinum,Legendary
-Discord Server officially established

2020 May 8th
-PokeGrinders Clan Officially Established
-Weekly Giveaways/Raffles
-Annual Gifts
-Rules and Members List Added
-Application Form
-What's your favorite pokemon class poll added
If you have any questions please contact me at through in game messages, my username is pokevortex. 👻


It’s rona season, stay safe 😉

IGN/Username: pokevortex
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Post by PokemonGrunt »

DelugeRPG username: PokemonGrunt
Favorite Pokemon: Gengar
Birthday: May 8th
DelugeRPG goals: Collecting TS Pokemon
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Post by paarth121 »

Delugerpg username : paarth121
Favorite Pokemon:lugia stadium
Birthday :9th june
DelugeRPG goals: to be the only trainer with 100bil xp
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Post by [Inkynekos] »

DelugeRPG username:Inkynekos
Favorite Pokemon:Piplup and its evos lol
Birthday:July 16
DelugeRPG goals:Getting 2500 piplups; possibly finishing my dex; collecting my favorite shiny pokemon all with ATK SPE stats; maybe helping out in future sprites that need shiny colors (not a goal? well, idk..)
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Ty guys so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

sprite recolors here! (Now opened again!)

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Post by ChiefFlash »

People who messaged me to join the clan, please be aware that it might be a good idea to get a forum account, it's highly recommended. Also we will be hosting our first weekly giveaway, with 2 pokemon prizes. Their where will be 2 winners, so there is a high chance you might win. Everybody who is in the clan is already been placed in the giveaway. The results will come out tomorrow, good luck :)

Pokemon for giveaway:

Shiny Terrakion
Negative Yveltal
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Post by Lawliet88 »

Username- tanveer88
Favorite pokemon reshiram
Birthday-26 june
Drpg goals - top collectors

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Post by ChiefFlash »

Sure thing you've been added to the members list. The giveway has ended. The winners for todays weekly giveaway are PokemonGruntsBack, and paarth121. Congradulation, and don't forget, we'll be having these weekly, so don't worry, hopefully you'll win something soon :)

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Post by kai »

DelugeRPG username: HEMANTJEETU1692004
Favorite Pokemon: mega blaziken
Birthday (honestly it can be fake 🥳): oct 7
DelugeRPG goals: TO BE IN THE TOP 100 RANKS
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Post by genesse21 »

DelugeRPG username: genesse21
Favorite Pokemon: Lugia(Stadium)
Birthday (honestly it can be fake 🥳): June 5
DelugeRPG goals: 1. Finish the dex with all my Pokemons are on max level. 2. Collect all forms of Deoxys, Necrozama, Giratina, Meloetta, Shaymin, Genesect, Xerneas, Tornadus, Landorus, Thundorus, Kyurem, Keldeo, Zygarde, Magaerna, Zacian, and Zamazenta. 3. All type of Silvally and Arceus.

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Post by rillaboom18 »

DelugeRPG username: pikapika18/pikapika18storage
Favorite Pokémon: Retro Grookey & Shiny Poipole TS
Birthday: June 21st
DelugeRPG goals: Catch lots of TS pokemon, #1 Collector and Trainer
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